Film, Television and Variety Shows

With many years’ experience in the film, television and media industries, TA Law Firm is dedicated to providing clients with efficient legal services of outstanding quality. We are especially adept at managing film and television projects (including anime, original web TV series, films and variety shows). This includes drafting and auditing documents related to project introduction, copyright purchase, script production, investment and financing, China-foreign joint filming/productions, group building and shooting, post-production, publicity and distribution, spin-off development, labor employment and music authorization. TA Law Firm also boasts outstanding advantages in China-foreign cooperation on variety shows, TV dramas, movies and other projects. Clients include internationally renowned producers, directors and film and TV companies.

Main Services :

  • Specialist legal consultancy services for film and TV projects

  • Legal services for investment and financing

  • Legal services for contracting with creators

  • Legal services for publicity and distribution

  • Legal services for commercial placement

  • Purchase of the remake right and other rights, and review of the chain of rights

  • Pre-project planning, commissioned creation, investment and financing, production, and risk control in the promotional and release process

  • Project negotiation, due diligence, assistance in designing business models and transaction structures

  • Legal services for commercial project development and spin-off development

  • Resolution of project-related disputes

Representative Cases :

  • Representing Chiung Yao in a case against Yu Zheng, where it is alleged that Palace 3: The Lost Daughter infringed the copyright of Mei Hua Lao

  • Representing the producers of the film Legend of Wukong in suing the post-production company for infringing trade secrets

  • Appearing in the retrial of Sina Sports case of copyright infringement and unfair competition over the China Super League sports event

  • Acting for the makers of the film Hello Mr. Billionaire in responding to a dispute over copyright infringement

  • Acting for the makers of the film Nine-Storey Ghostly Tower in responding to a dispute over name rights and protecting the integrity of the work

  • Copyright infringement dispute involving the movie Legend of the Cat Demon

  • Contract dispute for the script writer of the film Beijing Love Story

  • Dispute over a joint investment contract for the script writer of My Ghostly Bride

  • Dispute over a joint investment contract for the variety show Two Days, One Night

  • Dispute over a contract for adapting a game based on the variety show Running Man China

  • Trademark infringement and unfair competition dispute involving the variety show Muse Dress

  • Dispute over infringement of the right to reputation between the producer and creator of Goodbye Mr. Loser and a movie critic

  • Copyright infringement dispute between Wajijiwa Entertainment and Culture Co., Ltd. and a famous music artist

  • Provided either perennial or specialist whole-process legal consultancy services for more than 300 film and television works, variety shows and drama projects

  • Provided either perennial or specialist whole-process legal consultancy services for dozens of imported films, co-productions and foreign remakes of movies and TV dramas

  • Provided legal opinions on operating the IP and spin-off development for such film and TV works as Nirvana in Fire, Qing Yun Zhi and The Grave Robbers’Chronicles

  • Provided specialist legal advice for a long-term investment project worth USD 1.5 billion between Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., Ltd. and Lionsgate Films

  • Provided specialist legal advice for SK Group to provide access to entertainment industry involvement in China

  • Provided specialist legal services for researching the models of variety shows for a renowned TV station

  • Provided specialist legal services for the Beijing International Theater Centre, a key cultural development project of the Beijing municipal government

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